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Journeys Adolescent Escort Bios
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Dametrius M - aka "Tex"

Gabe T.

Working at Carroll ISD for 13 plus years has given Gabe the experience and challenges with kids. From kindergarteners, middle school, high school, and special needs kids has showed the differences and skill level one will come to learn and deal with all kinds of personalities to situations.

Some experiences in low income communities in California with kids in not greatest situations that will really open your eyes to life of the poor. This is where you will learn the hard way on dealing with the unprivileged.

As a small business owner, it has given him another side of the spectrum on how to manage youth or young adults on becoming part of the working class. To keep them motivated and show that life is never as easy one might believe but to keep striving with hard work, they can accomplish anything.

A father of 3 and a stepson has showed Gabe many challenges as well. Many battles have been thrown at him but with patience’s and persistence’s, he’s managed to overcome a lot.