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Seante C

Seante C

Seante's passion is the education of youth.  Her experience is rich with positions of responsibility that concern the guidance, education and protection of young people at various stages of their lives.

She has also worked with adults for the Santa Clara County totaling over 18 years, by providing security monitoring at the County’s Residential Facilities.

Her skills include the techniques of mediation, safety and security awareness, transportation of in-custody adults and youth, teaching pro-social skills, and individual counseling. She has achieved a level of confidence which is based on her experience that radiates outwardly toward youth. This has allowed her to gain their respect. Every child educates me and helps make her better at what she does.

Her free time is spent learning golf, being a cheerleader for my family and continuing her education.

She has training in:

Annual CPR and First Aid certified
Annual Suicide Prevention classes
Annual Crisis Diffusion and Cultural Diversity classes